About the fire

How the EL CIGAR label was created and what connects the two founders Feri Cilurzo and André Krell. About cigars, vision and friendship.

Feri Cilurzo

"I have been smoking cigars since the summer of 2016. The quiet mood of André has charmed me. He was my neighbor sitting on his porch with a cigar. This picture had an incredible effect on me, it was a revelation, a longing that was awakened in me. André and the cigar became a quiet pole in my life."

“When I smoke a cigar, I feel grounded, relaxed and lightened, happy and grateful, inwardly exploring and in love.”
– Feri Cilurzo

André Krell

"For more than 15 years I wholeheartedly endulge in the pleasure of cigars. . The older I get, the more important it is for me to decelerate from the everyday routine and to enjoy life consciously. A cigar can open new horizons from a position of serenity. Smoking makes me feel calm, contemplative, relaxed and reflective. It's a deliberate break you're taking. For me it symbolizes self-love and self-respect."

“We are not focused on the short term, we want to grow slowly. Instead of a lot of marketing, we focus on enjoying the moment and on quality of course.”
– André Krell

Hey, neighbor

It was late summer on André’s porch. We enjoyed a whisky and a cigar together and suddenly thought: “let’s channel our passion into a project!”

In autumn, we went from the veranda to beautiful Tuscany, where principles, visions and ideas were discussed and finalized. But the motto quickly became clear. Just do it!

And then there was Ruedi, our future mentor. Quite unsuspecting, the aficionado was invited to the first tasting.

Ruedi’s relationship with cigars is incredible. He has spent half his life developing and marketing them. And even as a retiree, when it comes to the world of cigars, he didn’t lose a single inch of his passion and enthusiasm for action and continues to commit himself with enormous energy.

It was absolutely magical for us when Ruedi met the Master Roller in the Dominican Republic for the first time, who has been in the cigar business for the last 45 years no less… Both had this sparkle in their eyes. The energy and joy were indescribable when they mixed their little masterpiece together. Thus a new baby was born, just like a fine dish made out of wonderful ingredients.

“The only thing that could have gone wrong was that we had to smoke our own cigars for the rest of our lives.”

ELCIGAR - Made for pleasure

One thing was clear from the very beginning; only if we ourselves were 100% committed to the idea, only then should the enjoyment be made available to our customers. Smaller quantities, produced in the finest quality, a rolling quality control and thus very short production cycles. We love to celebrate, cultivate and develop the traditional art of cigar making.

EL CIGAR is fresh, modern and delightful. EL CIGAR is for you! A small diamond in the world of cigars.